MagnaBoom FAQs


What is magnetic adsorption?

The MagnaBoom can be adsorbed in the surface of a metal such as refrigerators, shelves and other furniture which means it can stick to these surfaces. It also supports this with the iPhone 12.  

Where can this stick to?

It can not only be adsorbed in the surface of a metal,vbut also be adsorbed on other landing mediums with the help of the metal ring in the package.

What surfaces does this work with? 

It automatically works with an iPhone 12 but can work with any other phone or surface with the help of the metal rings in the package

How many MagnaBooms can I pair at once?

The ease remote pairing allows you to pair two Mag-SoundMate compatible speakers together for stereo sound to truly pump up your party. Most customers buy at least 2 pieces to experience stereo effects.

What bluetooth technology does this use?

It uses the latest wireless BlueTooth 5.0 technology and the stable connection distance can reach 10 meters. You don't have to babysit your device, and takes seconds to set up and is extremely easy to operate, even you don't know how to use Bluetooth.

Is there any bass?

It features a proprietary developed driver that intensify sound with strong deep bass.

What if I get a call while I’m paired with the speaker?

The Speaker is muted automatically while receiving incoming calls, to protect your privacy.

How long does it take to charge and what type of charger does it need?

Type-C high power input port--only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

How long does the battery last?

Packed with an incredible 8 hours of battery life, Enjoy using MagnaBoom for hours.

What's in the box?