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High-Energy Crystal Clear
Surround Sound

A Portable Bluetooth Speaker
That Attaches To Any Surface

MagnaBoom is the only portable speaker you’ll ever need. Small enough to travel, it comes with everything you need to attach to most surfaces including metal, plastic, wood, and much more. You’ll get magnet rings, a USB charge cord to keep you powered up, and of course the powerful MagnaBoom speaker.

It only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge to get a full 8-hours of music playtime, and even acts as a
phone stand.

Now you can have a speaker everywhere you go!

The Future of Handheld Device
Sound & Personal Entertainment

Typical bluetooth speakers are big, heavy, and bulky, often weighing more than two pounds and taking up
too much space. But with the MagnaBoom, you’ll have big sound without any extra bulk or weight.

MagnaBoom doesn’t just improve the sound of the weak factory speakers on your device, it enriches your
entire experience.

Why Choose MagnaBoom

That’s easy. Who doesn’t want a fun little speaker with them at all times? After all, whoever
controls the music controls the party!
Seriously though. This incredible speaker will enhance your travel experience, your workouts, your shower signing abilities,
and anything else you can think of where immersive sound is involved.

4 Steps
to incredible sound:

You can save hours of time and rapidly fill up any tire or gear in 8 minute or less.

Loud, Crystal Clear Surround Sound Wherever You Go

If you’re looking for more sound from your devices, then MagnaBoom is exactly what you need.

  • Listen to music or movies or take calls anywhere

    Your device's speakers aren't designed for booming sound, but the MagnaBoomis.

  • No installation

    A portable design with no hardware, all you do is attach to a hard surface and it’s out of the way with sound for up to 8-hours.

  • Liven up any space

    Improve the mood of any room with incredible sound that fills any space.

  • Light and portable.

    This tiny speaker is the technological wonder that people have been asking for: Light, portable, fun, and loud!

Check out what our customers think:


Average Rating
out of 5






‘For such a small speaker the sound is amazing. Really crisp and full. It looks great and its easy to pair to an iPhone or iPad. Perfect for the beach!’

Teresa L. Key West, FL

'Great design! Bluetooth connectivity is solid from a good distance. There's not a lot of weight to it, yet it feels sturdy and strong. I was impressed with the sound quality too. I could take calls on the speaker and it was clear from over 10 ft away.'

Joe B. Indianapolis, IN

‘An all around great portable speaker, especially if you’re tired of the poor sound quality from your device’

Leroy R. Alpharetta, GA

‘It delivers a rich sound like you'd never imagine a portable speaker could. I actually used it at my hair salon one week when the stereo system went down and nobody even noticed a difference!’

Jennifer M. Topeka, KS